Come one, come all, and witness the undeniably weird but intriguing experience that is the Wicked Circus. If you are drawn to all things that revolved around carnival themes, then it looks like there is already a party brewing up on the horizon.

Mr Green casino is going to host the Wicked Circus promo which runs from today, which is the 15th February, right until the next week; February 22nd. Players have got a whole week of pure joy and entertainment before them, so why not get ready for some more awesome features and find out what this campaign is all about. The online casino of Mr Green has prepared many attractions for the duration of this event, so pack your stuff and go visit the place straight away.

The £5K Wicked Circus Mission relies on playing some fantastic games, and by that we mean some of the classic slot machines that might truly deliver non-stop fun. Spin and complete the missions on such video slots as the Wicked Circus, Jokerizer or Dark Joker Rizes, and find out if you were lucky enough to win some of the cash prizes that were gathered for this occasion alone. The higher position on the leaderboard – the better the reward will be, so spin to your heart’s content and get yourself a fistful of cash to spend on the things you enjoy. There are no minimum bets required throughout this competition and all that is necessary would simple be some free time and spare funds to spin the reels.

Players may complete the missions in any order they desire, but beware as those cannot be completed with bonus money. The number of spins you make to finish a task is then used to calculate the actual spot taken on the leader board, meaning that the person who completes the mission with the least number of rounds, is going to be win the main award. The promotion is constantly updated to bring you the latest details on who currently leads in this challenge, so go ahead and reach for your share of the £5,000 prize pot. Also, be sure to read any of the terms that come with this special offer.

Mr Green Casino Promotion

Campaign period: 15 February – 22 February (2017)

Participating games / missions:
Wicked Circus – Collect 200 (Mystery Wins)
Jokerizer – Collect 200 coins (Mystery Wins)
Dark Joker Rizes – Collect 200 coins (Mystery Wins)

1st place: £1500
2nd place: £1000
3rd place: £400
4th place: £250
5th place: £100
6th–10th place: £75
11th–25th place: £50
26th-50th place: £25

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