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Win €2000 during the current Reel Race and find out just how exciting it can be to stay on top of the podium when the prizes are being handed out one by one. Visit Casumo on this day as well as the following day afterward, as the competition will take you towards the next challenging gameplay that is being hosted by the “Book of Dead” slot from Play’ n GO. Reveal the ancient mysteries of Egyptian pharaohs by triggering the passage that will take you straight to the pyramid chambers, revealing all the treasures that have been hidden away for so long. Only the top 25 players will be able to share the spoils of victory, so make sure that you find yourself within exactly that range of possible winners.

Casumo Casino Promotion

1st position: €2000

2nd position: €250

3rd position: €100

4th–5th positions: €50

6th–10th position: €25

11th–25th position: €10

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