It seems like the fun is never going to end when it comes to the internet, and one of the places that offer it in abundance 24/7 – is the online casino: Golden Star. This is where everybody can further continue their virtual adventures, and of course immediately return for more of that fancy betting and spinning. But that’s not everything you are about to encounter, for many more of these interesting wares are about to let you fully appreciate what the online gambling scene has already in abundance. That will of course involve plenty of additional rewards, because such is the way of this experience in general, so you will certainly find everything you need here and a lot more. Of course, the Golden Star casino, is probably going to enable more features in the future. Additional terms and conditions may still apply however.

These bonuses are ultimately going to lead you through many amazing adventures, while you yourselves can partake in its individual gaming campaigns; such as the Lucky Weeks 60K. The Lucky Weeks 60K is powered by the Playson software and gaming technology, and as its name clearly suggets; comes with €60,000 in a total cash pool of prizes. But that is only a small fraction of the things that you will likely explore here, no doubt. Since the GoldenStar casino comes with a multitude of excellent online games, as well as other bountiful awards. The options are pretty amazing too, so if you are aware of what you are going to find, then no doubt you may find some extra content to keep you fully immersed in this amazing entertainment. It is here that you will encounter some of the best video slots too.

Golden Star Casino Promotion

Tournament: Lucky Weeks 60K

Prize Pool: €60,000 cash

Games: Playson slots

Start: 13th May 2021

End: 29th May 2021

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