Whether one wishes to be rich or just simply have a good time with the cash, those are just but many of reasons why people pursue the following challenges. The Twenty One Casino will be able to help acquire some significant sums of money in order to experience the luxury that comes along with it.

The winner of this special promotion is going to receive a substantial check worth 1,500.00 EUR to spend at the Harrods store. There is still more to this offer, for many of those willing to participate can also receive any of the additional prizes from 5 x 100.00 and 10 x 50.00, so there is quite much to celebrate.

Nouveau Riche

* Each deposit value worth 50 is going to generate a single ticket for the lottery

* The tickets are available during the promotional period between 20.07-31.08.2015

* Alternatively the winner can choose to receive 50% of the main prize in cash, instead of the 1,500.00 voucher to Harrods

* The Nouveau Riche Elite and other bonus winners will be contacted by e-mail

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