You have probably wondered what is it going to be this year; whether you decide to cut on food or not, it should be your decision entirely. The thing is, that with the arrival of 2017, many have probably taken some advice, either from their dietitians or themselves alone.

All of the Guts players however, may already take a bite from a taste new promotion, during which you will be collecting doughnuts. That’s right, throughout the month of January, casino Guts has launched a special feature that lets you earn doughnuts while playing your favourite games. Every doughnut you collect, will provide some free spins on one of the two available games: “Fruit Shop” and “When Pigs Fly”. It is up to you then, which one of those games you would pick more likely, depending on a healthy lifestyle or one without worries for your current diet.

Upon reaching a certain number of doughnuts, which is 15 in this case, so after you get 15 doughnuts, you can exchange them for a special mystery prizes. It is easy as one, two, three or eating a doughnut, so do not tarry long and get ready intense online gaming with Guts casino.

Guts Casino Free Spins

* Residents of the following countries may enter this campaign: Australia, Austria, Finland, Germany, Gibraltar, Ireland, Malta, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland & the United Kingdom

* The promotional period takes place between the 12th and 31st of January 2017

* All who participate in this promotion automatically agree to the Terms & Conditions

* Resolution gifts are provided only to those who have made a prior deposit

* Players can progress throughout 15 levels of by wagering on games

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