The New Year 2017 is quickly approaching and along with it, a whole year of new opportunities. But do you have the guts to face this unknown period of time, knowing not what it might hold? Worry not, because you will do just fine and if you are not convinced enough, then simply try to relax and have a good time while focusing on positive thoughts.

There can never be enough of high quality entertainment, which goes far when combined with some really nice rewards, as is the case with the New Year Free Spins promo by casino Guts. Get a boost to launch into the new year on a positive note, thanks to the currently open campaign at Guts. Many can still be suspicious about the requirement procedures that come with such gambling promotions, but in this case, there are no specific terms to be met in order to qualify for the bonus rounds. If you wish to get more free spins, then simply play as much as you like and whatever games you desire, because there are plenty of outstanding software products offered by the Guts casino website, which means quite a lot of slot machines to browse through. The more you wager of course, the more free spins you get in the end, so there is that. But do not let yourself be restraint by those typical conditions – this is the end of a year after all.

What better way to celebrate then make the most out of the last days of December and spend them on playing some fantastic video slots and casino games, over at Guts. Play any of your favorite games, as you have time until the 1st of January 2017, which is when this campaign is going to finally conclude. Players can expect to see their free spins already on January the 2nd, but they should also keep in mind that only real money wagers would count toward obtaining the free spin bonuses. There are still some matters that should be taken under consideration, so it is highly recommended to check out the promotional page at Guts on the nearest occasion.

Guts Casino Free Spins

* Players can qualify for free spins between: 28th December 2016 – 1st January 2017

* Only real money wagers on slot games count toward the bonus qualification

* Free spin on Wild Chase will be credited on the 2nd of January

* Further terms and conditions may apply

Wager / Free Spins
€100 = 10 Free Spins
€250 = 25 Free Spins
€500 = 50 Free Spins
€1,000 = 50 Free Spins @ bet level 2
€2,500 = 50 Free Spins @ bet level 4
€5,000 = 50 Free Spins @ bet level 6
€10,000 = 50 Free Spins @ bet level 10

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