With the recently started Football Championships in Europe, the fans of sports are rather overjoyed, as with each match the excitement reaches a higher peak, always getting closer to the tournament finale that is sure to be quite entertaining, to say the least. Not many however, had the chance to journey to France and see these events unfold firsthand, what with the financial resources or logistic issues and all, it can be really frustrating to overcome any potential hardships.

That as well as the fact which makes it quite difficult to procure a ticket, because there are many soccer enthusiasts out there who will pay any price just to get a seat in the stadium. Thanks to highly rewarding promotions as the one currently available at the Mr Green online casino, one may always have a second chance to realize this dream. Everyone who wagers the required minimum of €50 on the slot machines provided by Mr Green, will receive a single entry for the draw, where a double set of tickets for the Euro 2016 finale awaits the winner of this raffle. Make sure that you wager on the eligible games however, as only “Football Star” and “Shoot!” are currently able to qualify for the lottery.

The wagers must be made within the exact period of the campaign, which happens to be running between the 9th and 27th of June, this year. The main prize will include two tickets for the Euro 2016 Final at the Stade de France in Paris, a 2 nights accommodation inside a luxurious, four-star hotel, plus the extra €500 to cover any additional expenses.

Mr Green Casino Promotion

* Time of the campaign: 9th – 28th June 2016

* Prizes are not going to be transferable

* The winner would be contacted within 48 hours

* Only a maximum of 3 re-draws can take place

* The operator reserves the right to modify the promo

* General terms & conditions can apply

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