Maria Casino is a wonderful digital playground that delivers a huge dose of top notch entertainment, all the while giving its viewers the kind of treatment they would like to intercept anyhow. Such an attractive online casino as this must have an equally appealing bonus offer, which also is going to keep the players interested in whatever the network has planned for them in the meantime. There are always special events on more occasions than once, so keep your eyes peeled.

Although most of the games provided by online casinos nowadays revolve around the electronic versions of slot machines which are accessible immediately through the web based service, there are still those that bring an undeniably authentic type of experience, one that seemingly gives them a rather interesting overview of the lobby and the company of a real life dealer. These casino live games have many dedicated fans who seek out this amazing form of entertainment at various platforms which dabble in gambling specifically, thus making it far more easier to approach the activity from the very start.

It should not be a surprise for players to find out about the numerous tournaments that Maria Casino is hosting on regular occasions. That includes both the casino and live casino sections, which are always full of interesting games to attend. There is certainly no lack for this kind of entertainment, therefore it would be definitely a matter of personal preference, to see what sort of games are currently on display. For instance, if you plan to visit Maria during the period of 25th and 31st July, then there is the Lucky Win campaign that would be carried hosted by All Live Casino Games.

Find out which of these have been selected for this occasion, because there are huge cash prizes waiting to be claimed by the winners. Several of the finest live versions of casino games such as Caribbean Stud Poker, Casino Holdem, Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat were introduced to the ongoing tournament, so feel free to pick up any of those games the next time you find yourself at casino Maria. It should be easy enough to follow the progress the competition, as there is already a leader board displaying each of the positions individually. The participants may still learn much more about this or any other tournament by viewing the full FAQ that is always provided with every such promotion.

Maria Casino Promotion

* Prizes are awarded to players with the highest net wins

* A minimum bet that qualifies for these events: 1.00 GBP

* Entry to the tournament is credited upon making 1 round

* Each consecutive round made will count toward the score

1st position: 2,500.00 GBP
2nd position: 1,000.00 GBP
3rd position: 500.00 GBP
4th-5th positions: 250.00 GBP
6th-10th positions: 100.00 GBP

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