No matter if your are actually lucky at winning or simply enjoy a game or two, this exciting new promotion will keep the tabs open for every gambling opportunity out there. Lucky numbers are everywhere, based on the natural laws of science, but the entertainment sector also draws upon this notion and now you are able to take advantage of the games with a little bit of luck on your side as well.

During the 11th of June and the 20th of July 2015, each occasion at the Laromere online casino will be lucky for the players, providing a number grid that is being featured at that time. After making an initial deposit, simply select the desirable number and if the combination of all six numbers will be drawn, the main prize is automatically yours. And it is a great prize indeed, rising up to a total of $/€ 2500 in the jackpot repository.

Lucky Numbers

Choosing the numbers is easy but hitting the right spot may still be challenging so take your picks wisely and you can even locate a mystery reward inside. The draws will be carried out each Thursday, from the 18th of June and July 20th, but if the money is not won at the end time of this event, the entire cash prize will split amongst the top 10 players of the current leader board.

6 numbers picked correctly – $/€ 2500

5 numbers picked correctly – $/€ 500

4 numbers picked correctly – $/€ 125

3 numbers picked correctly – $/€ 50

Those who have not yet met this fancy gaming network, can find everything about the place in detail by checking out the Laromere casino review page of this casino brand, where all the newest games and latest promotions are constantly brought up to date.

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