The history behind gambling is a long one, as people have been indulging in dice and other games of chance; ever since the ancient times. What could possibly make your heart pumping faster, then a chance to win actual money – which is what gambling is all about. Let’s not forget about the fun either, because if it wouldn’t be fun, then many wouldn’t even think about it, to be honest. There is this need for excitement that often requires making certain sacrifices, and losing some in order to win some. Fortunately for most, that is not what really matters, it still is however, a matter of quality entertainment, which seems to be the case when considering the services of an online casino (official terms and conditions apply).

When it comes to these casinos, nothing comes close to the digitized gameplay; offered by platforms like Maneki, where you can encounter games like slots or even some other forms of this entertainment. Once you get ready to play, there will be tons of options for you to choose from, and even some additional treats that could lead toward lots of coins and free spins. The online casino Maneki has also multiple competitions, hosted there on a regular basis and more often than not – with precious rewards that could make someone lucky practically rich in no time. One of those competitions is an online tournament known simply as the Lucky Cat Tournament; as Lucky Cat is the official mascot of the Maneki casino. Enter this online tournament right now, and become part of the world of Maneki – where the Lucky Cat will guide you through it all. Because there is always so much when it comes to online gambling and other entertainment, to find right here; at the online casino Maneki website. Promo terms and conditions apply.

Maneki Casino Promotion

Campaign: Lucky Cat Tournament

Rewards: €2,900 + 1,900FS

Ends: 31 May (2022)

Minimum Bet: 1EUR

Prize Pool:
1st Place: €1000
2nd Place: €500
3rd Place: €450
4th Place: €350
5th Place: €250
6th Place: €150
7th-10th Place: €50
11th-30th Place: 100FS

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