The Lost Island has been already awaited for a long time before its release in July 2014. This fantastic video slot game consist of 3 individual rows, 5 consecutive reels and 20 various paylines, for the purpose of enriching the gaming environment to a maximum potential.

There are also several features like free spins, multipliers and even wild substitutions included in the product. Technologically advanced and upgraded into a wholly new vision, the game is presented with brilliant artwork and visually appealing computer graphics. Pleasant sound effects and enigmatic scenes are also building quite the atmosphere of an intriguing gameplay.

Lost Island

As the mists of a long forgotten island has been lifted, the player finds a gateway into another dimension, where nothing is really as it seems and even the ones who live there do not know much about the past of their own homeland.

Traveling through a desolated and ruined world , you discover a mysterious device that ties itself to the origins of the first civilizations from ancient times. Questions are rising while you approach the discoveries, yet something is always amiss whenever you place your footsteps further into uncovering the forgotten secrets of this island. Venture into the realm between reality and fantasy, while exploring what has been forgotten for so long.

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