There is nothing more liberating than living any worries behind, as nobody likes problems and that means everybody in the right mind. Especially financial difficulties are particularly hurtful and when you do not have an open possibility for a job opportunity, than that leaves you without any cash to spare on the things you like or even worse like scraping for some food. You must stay positive however and that is why a chance for free living is like something out of this world, as the harsh reality can often keep you down and make regret some of the past decisions.

The Fruity Casa online casino has done the impossible and created a promotion like no other previous offer or any of the promotions available at other online casinos, for that matter. Live free for the rest of the year and stop worrying about the income, as you will have all the money you need to cover the basic expanses and much more. Thanks to casino Fruity Casa, you may finally use your spare time and go on an unpaid vacation even, because you will be able to feed yourself and your family, with the money that Fruity Casa is going to grant you each month until the end of this year. All that you have to do in order to win such privilege, is to take part in the next campaign run by the online casino through the month of October. For every €20 that you play, a single point will be credited to your account and the more points you get, the better chances at winning you might get in the end.

In the end, one lucky person is going to walk away with the main prize, which is actually €2000 every month for the rest of the year. The second place receives a brand new iPhone 7, while spots between 3rd and 52nd can expect to be showered with Cash Drops ranging €25 – 100. This and much more can be already found at the FruityCasa website, which is always ready to accommodate its clients with everything it has to offer. In case of further inquiries about this or any other campaign in the future, check with the full terms and conditions that are best located in their updated form at the very source.

Fruity Casa Promotion

1st place: €2,000 / month until the end of the year
2nd place: Apple iPhone 7
3rd-52nd places: €25 – €100 Cash Drops

* Each €20 played on casino games credits 1 point toward the leaderboard

* The winner becomes one who gets the most points by the 31st of October 2016

* €2 000 will be credited to one lucky person every month till the end of this year

* Further Terms & Conditions are still going to apply

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