Chances are that you have already heard about the spectacular King of Slots video game, with its consistent gaming system and multiple challenges set before the players to grant them much better winning options. This high quality NetEnt production has been previously an exclusive game, available at selected online casinos, but that has changed ever since and now you can enjoy this online game at the Slots Million casino as well.

Having its premiere on the 12th of November, the slot machine based product will be introduced to players of the Slots Million online casino, with several free spins offers at this point to boost the gambling morale. From the day of its release to the 15th of November 2015, the King of Slots promotion would provide the players with free spins on this and many other games, equally successful and simultaneously fun to play. Deposit at least 100 or more if you will and there is certainly going to be 40 Free Spins on King of Slots waiting for you to get the upper hand in this game.

Hook`s Heroes Free Spins

If you play 500 rounds then expect to receive 50 Free Spins on some of the newest games from Net Entertainment in addition to that. But wait, there is still more when you play another 500 rounds, because then you get the extra 50 Free Spins on the latest NetEnt releases and even some of the casino favorites. That would mean that there are 90 Free Spins in total, if all calculations have gone accordingly to the planned result that is.

Despite the random odds that appear systematically during online gambling sessions, the math is rather always correct. All free spins would be added to the players accounts on the following day at exactly 12 o’clock, noon. Join the SlotsMillion casino this week and enjoy the newly released game so that you might count on having not only a great time but many opportunities at triggering the ultimate winning streak that could change your life forever – making you the new king of slots.

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