Once it all becomes clear, there is no going back so make sure that you know whatever it is that you are looking for, because the possibilities are limitless and nothing can prevent you from getting what you always wanted. That and more can be deducted from taking a chance at any casino, but rest assured it would be so much more to it than simply relying on pure luck to come out as a victor. There is no denying that not everybody can manage to win at the end, yet all have equal chances at trying, as it definitely makes perfect sense to be certain about a thing or two in this kind of state.

The Cherry Casino has already been able to establish a really nice promotion that will suck its participants into the world of gaming, allowing them to successfully enjoy all those things they have always been so fond of. The last man standing is not necessarily the issue here and it keeps getting easier with every single try that one makes, as pushing harder and allowing yourself to make the best out of every situation can finally land you on the top of the podium itself. Starting today, there will be a €2,000 prize pool which the players can share during these events exactly, enabling an opportunity like no other. In order to try and win some of the money, you simply have to play the “Grim Muerto” slot machine, as with each successful round of free spins, you instantly get 10 points toward your personal account.

These points will count toward reaching the top of a leader board, which has already been established as the directive which is going to select the next big winner and multiple runners up. Every player who triggers five or more of such bonus rounds during the game, will be rewarded with an additional set of 50 Free Spins on the Grim Muerto slot. Find out more about this offer, but be quick about it as it will end really soon, as already on the 31st of July, this year.

Cherry Casino Promotion

* Promotion lasts from the 26th until the 31st of July, 2016

* Bonus money comes with a 5x wagering requirement

* In order to win, one must collect points by triggering free spins

* Featured game of this event would be the Grim Muerto

* A minimum bet necessary to qualify must be set to €1/spin

* The prize pool will be shared among the top 20 winners:
1st spot: €700
2nd spot: €400
3rd spot: €200
4th spot: €100
5th spot: €100
6th–10th spots: €50
11th–20th spots: €25

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