Dreaming big is always good and while doing so why not make the most of it, as this does not even cost a thing. That however, can drastically change when a promising opportunity arises and gradually takes one closer to making these dreams come true. If by any chance you would like to gamble as well, then you are in luck, because there is currently a huge giveaway raffle at Bet365 Casino, one that will take you far and grant you the exact chance you need to score high and obtain a cash prize all along. Grabbing your award from the huge pile of cash may not seem that simple, yet all that is required to qualify for this stage exactly, would be playing the games selected for this online campaign. One must do so between the 13th and 16th of June 2016, as on June the 17th the final draw is going to take place, providing the rest of the starting prize of €1,000,000 in the actual pool of €200,000, that winners can acquire at the end of this competition.

In order to get a single raffle ticket, one will have to wager at least €12 on a qualifying game, therefore making all the effort necessary to join the promo. Games featured throughout this period of time are currently: “Adventures in Wonderland”, “Heart of the Jungle” & “Leprechaun’s Luck”. There is still an additional game, which grants two tickets instead of one, and it requires the same amount of deposit to provide you with those. Such double ticket slot would now be the “Wild Gambler”, so take your chances with this game in particular if you wish to collect more tickets for the upcoming draw. Many attractions lie ahead of you, so brace yourself for an undeniably rewarding experience set by the online casino bet365, one that will bring you an extra bag of coins if you are lucky enough to win.

bet365 Casino Promotion

* Single-ticket games: Heart of the Jungle, Adventures in Wonderland, Leprechaun’s Luck

* Double-ticket game: Wild Gambler

* Promotional period: 13-16 June 2016

* Final raffle: 17th of June

* Qualifying wager: €12

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