There is nothing more satisfying than winning a real life award that takes form of your favorite console game or a gadget involving a personal hobby. It sure looks like the Euro 2016 Cup in France has brought a whole lot more than just simply the excitement for fans of sports, though it mainly involves just that. If you are more keen of online games than sport, then fear not because Redbet Casino has got you fully covered, as it will only use the pretense of the sporting event and bring you and all of your fellow players something truly amazing. The online casino has organized quite the promotion for its viewers, involving a huge giveaway of various goodies, all of which are worth the staggering total of €70,000.

Everybody will be properly rewarded, as up to even 600 of the top users who join this event, are going to come out of it with at least a piece of the prize pool. Those who would be lucky enough to win the major awards on the other hand, can expect to obtain soccer related memorabilia, a football experience which is a dream come true for every fan of this sport, or an incredibly comfortable gaming chair along with a console and games to play on it, which is by far the best, even if it is a biased opinion, but still. Be ready to join the RedBet casino promo and opt in now, as this event will only last between the 25th of June and the 10th of July, which leaves still a lot of time left for you to participate and win in the end.

For every 20 free spins played on the “Football: Champions Cup” video slot, you will be receiving one ticket for the raffle, where the aforementioned prizes can be obtained. Be mindful however, that you must set the spins to at least €0.20 in order for them to count and qualify you for the draw. An individual may collect a maximum of 50 tickets each day, which brings a great deal of those to get throughout the entire period of this campaign. Do not let yourself to be kept down by the competition and get what you always wanted, by aiming to win this challenging lottery, set by the redbet online casino.

Redbet Casino promotion

1st spot: The European Football Experience

2nd-10th spots: Memorabilia signed by a football legend

11th-20th spots: Surround-Sound “Gaming Chair” + a game console & numerous games

21st-50th spots: Go Pro (Hero 4)

51st-150th spots: €50 Cash

151st-500th spots: €25 Cash

501st-600th spots: €10 Cash

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