Whether you like being scared or not, most people have a morbid fascination with horrors and the macabre. Even though not necessarily a comforting notion, everybody likes to be afraid every now and then, either by playing horror games or watching scary movies. Who said that fun and fear cannot go hand in hand, and as many will definitely agree, that goes also for multiple forms of online entertainment.

Join the 7Bit Casino in its Fun vs Fear campaign and choose between either fun or fear, to grab a share of the €4,500 prizes that awaits during this Halloween. Several prominent casino slots have been selected to play host throughout this period of time, so take a pick which form of experience you would like to undergo. “The Best Witch” and “Spooky Family” are representing the FUN group, while the FEAR faction includes “Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters” and “Paranormal Activity. Choose wisely, as the fun category may have more friendly games and simpler requirements, but the section of fear will provide better rewards. As always is the case with such promotions, the more you wager – the more points you get, contributing to the overall score necessary to win a specific share of the money award. A higher position guarantees more chips, therefore it is recommended to gather as many points as you possibly can.

If you select fun, then you must wager a minimum of €25 on the featured games. Selecting fear would mean that you have to wager at least €50 on the appropriate slots. You can make your wagers on desktop as well as mobile versions of those casino games, but rest assured that this might not be an easy task, as winning never is. There is still a lot of time left until the promotion comes to an end, which inevitably is going to happen on the 2nd of November 2016.

7Bit Casino Promotion

“The Best Witch”
“Spooky Family”
(Minimum wager: €25)
1st prize = €750
2nd prize = €500
3rd prize = €250
4th prize = €200
5th prize = €100

“Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters”
“Paranormal Activity”
(Minimum wager: €50)
1st prize = €1000
2nd prize = €750
3rd prize = €500
4th prize = €250
5th prize = €200

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