It is no secret that 24hBet has some of the wildest and most inspiring promotions ever. There are lots of different types of events in which the players may participate and have a great time exploring the different types of online games as well as many other, unrelenting forms of digital entertainment. If you feel up to the task, then you may join any of the tournaments, where competitiveness is key, yet fun is still the dominating factor above all else. Alongside multiple bonus deals and packages loaded with free spins, there are also uniquely designed campaigns, such as the €30,000 Cash Drop promo. During the period of 4th – 21st August 2016, there are massive cash drops every 5 minutes or so, which means that you can instantly grab a €5 cash prize, up to even €25,000 in the total amount.

This all can be done by simply playing the table games over at 24h Bet casino. The winners are randomly selected, so watch out for chat messages that state who is going to get the next free award. If that has not been enough, then there is still the €5,000 Leaderboard, which is generated accordingly to points collected by receiving the free cash bonuses. For every €5 that you win throughout the campaign, you will obtain 1 point toward the leader board. The higher position on the list, the more chips you get, so find out who gets to be the one that gets €500. The leader-board rewards are going to be credited on the 25th August, so there is still a lot of time left to reach the top, just as is for getting extra bonus points and cash drops during the period of this promotion. More details and information on separate terms or conditions can be always found on the promotional page dedicated to the cash drop promotion at 24hBet online casino website.

24hBet Casino Promotion

Free Cash Prizes (€5 every 5 minutes)

Leaderboard Prizes:
1st place: €500
2nd place: €375
3rd place: €250
4th place: €200
5th place: €150
6th place: €100
7th-10th places: €75
11th-20th places: €50
21st-40th places: €40
41st-70th places: €20
71st-110th places: €10
111th-275th places: €5

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