Prepare yourself to fight for domination in the eponymous Slot Wars, a frequently hosted online campaign that is one of the main features at casino bitStarz. Players can always visit the bitStarz casino and indulge themselves in a game or two, yet by doing so during the actual promotional period of the race, they are also properly rewarded for their results.

It sure is a great way to multiply your funds and get lots of bonus rounds, so be sure to join, as this might be an opportunity you have bee waiting for recently. In order to participate, you must simply play games, as the more you wager – the more points you get towards the leaderboard. Higher positions mean better prizes, so if you are in for some extra cash or free spins, then this would be the perfect chance to finally to sign up for this promo.

The Slot Wars races take place every single week, which means that players can always look forward to the €1000 and 250 Free Spins that are given away throughout the competition. Win a share of the massive prize pool and get to play even more, because the fun never stops at the bitStarz online casino. At the end of each period, winners are successfully declared and paid out within the next 48 hours that follow. What more could want need if not some additional means to prolong their favorite online experience. Keep in mind however, that any accounts closed at the end of this promotion, are not going to be paid. Stay tuned for more updates from the bit Starz, which sends e-mails with regular notifications about this promotion. Only real money counts toward the wagering process, so be sure to use only your own funds if you wish to grab a share of the prize pot. Any of the wagering amounts are automatically turned into points, letting the viewers check the current numbers depicting how many points you have been able to gather so far.

The leader board is refreshed every minute or so, allowing the participants to track their own records. There are still other important terms and conditions, which should be thoroughly studied prior to making bets. The Weekly Slot Wars Races go on and will continue until further notice from the operator.

bitStarz Casino Promotion

Slot Wars happen weekly between: Sunday 00:01 CEST – Saturday 23:59 CEST.

Main prizes
1st spot: €300
2nd spot: €150
3rd spot: €100
4th spot: €60
5th spot: €50
6th-7th spots: €40
8th-10th spots: €30
11th–13th spots: €20
14th–18th spots: €10
19th–30th spots: €5
31st–35th spots: 20 Free Spins
36th–50th spots: 10 Free Spins

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