Winter is upon us, there is no doubt about it, but that does not mean that you should hide yourself from the coolness that can be met at a place like Casumo. This fine online casino would introduce its players to the upcoming season of Winter Games, a jolly time which is going to bring lots of fun and opportunities to play some interesting games. During the entire month of December this year, casino Casumo will carry out intense gaming tournaments, hosted as often as every 30 minutes, so that leaves much of time to join and have an instant blast. Over 200 different prizes would await the participants, with as much as €60,000 in total cash rewards and 260,000 Free Spins up for grabbing.

These special events will be called “Reel Races”, super fast casino tournaments where the main focus of those can be described as winning as much and as quickly as possible. By winning you collect points, so the more you win the more points you get, and the one who ends such tournament with the highest score is going to win it after the time runs out. A daily event comes with €1000 as the main prize, available during the highlighted contest hosted at 8PM.

Casumo proms, 05 - 09 October

– Log in to your casino account at Casumo

– Select the ‘Join Now’ button and proceed further

– Play the game and spin to win for getting the most points

The minimum bets would vary depending on what kind of event is going to be placed at the time being. The short events would span for 20 minutes, from 10AM to Midnight (€0.20-0.40 in minimum bets). The main events are going to take place each day at 8PM and will be 50 minutes long (with a minimum bet of €0.40). Prizes would be in abundance, offering dazzling free spins for the top 5 places achieved in the short events. A main event would have cash rewards for all winners, depending on what position they have acquired at the end (1st = €1000 / 2nd = €250 / 3rd = €100 / 4th-5th = €50 / 6th-10th = €25 / 11th-25th = €10).

Points will be distributed accordingly to the winnings, so there is actually: 5 points – Standard Win, 25 points – Big Win, 50 points – 3 Wins in a row, 75 points – A total of 3 Big Wins and 100 points – Mega Win. There are specific calculations as to which the players might adhere whenever necessary, explaining in detail how the winnings are multiplied accordingly to specific bets used within a game. Join Casumo Casino this winter and take part in the Reel Races that will surely keep the hearths pumping with joy for a long time to come.

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