No matter how hard one may work toward achieving something, there can still be many obstacles that would appear at one point or another, preventing from getting whatever is desired. In more opportunistic occasions, a lucky person can still apprehend at least a portion of the thing which has pushed toward this state, yet no matter if it is money or fame that is sought out, it all comes to the right attitude and persistence in the end.

There are lots of places however, that can help you realize whatever dreams you have and that includes a fair portion of online websites that focus on a theoretical approach, just as well as sheer practice. One of the latter would be Casino Heroes, where dreams actually do come true and players can fulfill their destinies at any stage of the virtual journey. This online casino has plenty of ways to pursue the rewards, which often involves playing fantastic games and taking part in competitive tournaments, like the one that is currently in motion. The €10,000 Tournament will continue to be hosted by the Casino Heroes network until the 30th of May 2016, so there are still several days left for you all to join and win a share of the huge money prize.

This tournament is held on the “Monkey King” online game, a digital slot machine inspired by Chinese mythology, as intriguing as it is fun to play. If you truly wish to become a winner, then do not waste any more time and start playing at the casino right away, as only the highest coin related wins achieved during the free spins mode will grant you the privilege of coming out victorious from this challenging competition. There are still many other useful features, which you can successfully use to your advantage, so keep your eyes peeled at all times.

Casino Heroes Promotion

* The tournament is concluding on the 30th May 2016 [23:59CEST]

* The Monkey King slot will be hosting this competition

* Top players are going to share the €10,000 prize

1st position = €1000
2nd position = €800
3rd position = €700
4th position = €600
5th position = €500
6th-10th positions = €250
11th-15th positions = €200
16th-20th positions = €150
21st-30th positions = €100
31st-40th positions = €75
41st-50th positions = €50

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