Laromere online casino is a particularly successful and fancy center for entertainment, featuring all the best and most interesting of all the features that are going to bring you closer to an entirely new prospect for virtual gambling on the web. The place is also well known for their great promotions and bonuses, which are always adding some kind of attraction to the overly enticing offer currently available.

During the month of May 2015, the casino launches the “Cash in a Jar” campaign, when every single deposit made will be noted by the casino and placed €5 on the tab. After reaching a proportional satisfactory point on the leader board, one can receive the whole sum back again.

There is even a visual version of the jar which holds all the coins that can really trigger the imagination. The total cash amassed during the active promotional period will be split among the top 5 players who have reached the highest places on the roster. A second giveaway will take place in June, so one can still get a chance at having the money return in the process.

Cash In A Jar

* First Cash Jar Giveaway will be on the 18th of May 2015

* Second Cash Jar Giveaway will be on the 1st of June 2015

* Players from the top 1-5 positions are going to receive a split percentage of the cash sum accordingly to the set up calculator, as the 6-10 runner-ups will be getting free spins bonus equivalents

* Each wager of at least €500 earns the player 500 points

* Individual purchases are still counting toward the point tabulator, as well as weekly promotions do the same

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