Nothing beats a good gaming session, especially if the stakes are high and you are lucky enough to grab some of the winnings on your way out of the lobby. It sure would make perfect sense to make some coin, but the most important thing to remember at all times is to have fun no matter what and the winnings will surely come. This and more can be found while stopping by to visit the online casino MrGreen, the entertainment hub that seems to know perfectly well how to organize a gambling campaign that is going to become a real thing. Recent events has seen to it that the market was flooded with new stuff that might always come in handy, including games, bonuses lots and lots of free spins.

The best part about it all however is that everybody can enjoy these features, for as long as a valid casino membership is the case. Join Mr Green in the future expeditions that will take you through the many attractions that this online casino has prepared for its users. One of such amazing promotions is the highly anticipated Cash Drop, available on a couple of weekends and spanning up to a massive €2,500. These weekend cash drops would be featured on an amazing slot machine called “Legend of the White Snake Lady”, which is already a legendary piece of software in its own term. This fantastic online game delivers a visually stunning experience that introduces the viewers to an ancient realm filled with wondrous creatures and magical entities. Remember to visit MrGreen casino between the 22nd-24th or the 29th-31st of July, which is exactly when the cash drop promos are going to be active.

Mr Green Casino Promotion

* These cash drops are available between: 22-24 and 29-31 July 2016

* The promo will be carried out on the “Legend of the White Snake Lady”

* In order to win cash prizes, one must play the game with real money rounds

* Rewards are being credited without any wagering requirements

* Additional terms and conditions can apply

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