Competitive gameplay is always rewarding and those who like to play against the odds will find themselves surrounded with particularly attractive prizes. The Betsson casino is organizing The Betsson Championship, with €10.000 as the main prize this event, which is really enticing provided that one can manage to become the leader during this competition. The casino will carry out two distinctive tournaments that will take place for eight weeks, hosted by the slots and table games accordingly.

Winners of each of those tournaments can expect to take part in the final game that will be held in the Portomaso Casino. The first prize will be €10.000, but the running participants can also expect a share of the prize pool in €700. Just follow the rules and you will guarantee yourself a part in this exciting casino tournament.

– The championship will be carried out from Wednesday till Tuesday (8 weeks , 2 tournaments weekly)

– Best 20 rounds in a single row will be the base for the leader board score

– A minimum bet for every round would have to be €0.50

– Featured games that host the tournament will appear on the promo page

Betsson Championship

The previous championships held in 2014 has been really successful and the Betsson Casino is happy to offer the same thrilling experience to players during this year. The winners have traveled to the sunny Malta and maybe this year it will be you.

* The Betsson Championship tournament will take place between 15.07-08.09.2015

* During this promotional period, one slot and one table games tournament will be carried out on a weekly basis

* Each of these tournaments can be participated separately

* Every week the featured games will change accordingly to plan followed on the promo page

Prizes for each tournament:

1st prize = Malta “package”

2nd prize = €250

3rd prize = €100

4th-10th prize = €50

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