By playing the Aliens slot game at the Hey Casino, you have a great chance to win one of the ten available Playstation 4 gaming systems. All you have to do is shoot the queen of xenomorphs and you can claim your very special reward for the bounty.

Only ten players will have this opportunity, so be quick about it for time is of the essence. Log into your account and simply choose Aliens as your game of preference. You will have to kill the Queen Mother with one clear shot to prove that you are worthy of the prize.

When you finally achieve this tedious task, send a message to the casino support ( with a statement depicting your win, including your username and exact time of hitting the jackpot. Remember, that the kill have to be merciful, which takes a one aimed shot. Only such winnings will be taken under consideration.

Aliens video slot promotion

The terms that apply to this promotion are the following:

– the campaign lasts from April 25th, till the last PS4 is given away

– Hey can edit or delete any of rules concerning the offer in place

– PS4 consoles are rewarded only to those who access the Hive level and conquer the Queen with only one shot being used

– the last prize will be awarded by determining the end time of a submitted game session

– every statement concerning the win will be answered on the following day

The hunt begins right now, so sign up for the bounty and claim your prize.

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