There is nothing better than to get busy with all the excitement that has been built around the sheer anticipation, then by taking part in one of the recent tournament sessions hosted by such innovative online casinos as Kaboo. This futuristic website holds nothing back when it comes to the advanced technology, which is one of the attributes that distinguish it from all the rest of gambling operators. The best way to confirm this fact is by joining the intense action even today.

Shrouded in a mysterious concept, Kaboo casino provides regular campaigns that are always as intriguing as its graphical layout is. If you plan to join this online casino in its current promotion, then know it would end on the 29th of May, as it is until then that the brand new tournament will be held. Those planning to grab some hard cash, may want to hurry up and get to play at casino Kaboo, because there is as much as €10,000 to be won during that time alone. Such reward would be split among the top 100 players who come out victorious at the end of the entire competition.

This huge pile of money can be obtained by practically anyone who is already a member of this service, provided that every other condition has been met in full. In order to grab a share of the prize pool, you have to reach the top of a leader board, which can be done by achieving the highest coin win through a free spins mode. If you wish to learn more about it, then you may find all the information required during a featured game, but know that the time passes by and there is little of it left, so it would be best to opt in as soon as possible.

Kaboo Casino Promotion

* The following tournament is going to conclude on the 29th of May 2016

* A €10,000 prize pool will be split among the top 100 players

* Only the biggest coin wins in free spin mode count toward the score

* This promotion is not available to UK based customers

* Specific terms and conditions can be mandatory

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