It’s already 2017, so many of you would be asking questions what can be done in order to improve one’s life or well being. Even though most of things have not changed during the shift from the previous year to the current one, people tend to make preparations and taking vows to change something in their existence either way.

That is where places like BGO come to help and inspire you to make the best out of such opportunity, guaranteeing that it would be a good start that can truly give you a boost into the next year on this planet. Drop the pessimistic attitude and bad influence of others who say that the world is going to end and make some time to simply kick back, relax and just have some fun. There is nothing more destructive than having people around you saying things that not necessarily mirror your own state of mind, which is why you should go for a long vacation and forget about worries to charge your batteries and think about yourself. Casino BGO has launched a January promotion, during which a £2,000 Holiday Voucher can be won every single week.

You may finally spend some time off and travel around the world to see other places than your office and do other stuff than work. Each week of this month, another voucher will be presented and you too can get it by participating in the following events. By depositing a mere amount of £10 and wagering it on games, along with redeeming the promo code HOLIDAY reserved for this occasion alone, you will be getting a single entry into the prize draw that is going to determine who goes on an amazing trip to see the world. You can always enter as many times as you like, which means collecting the raffle tickets to improve your chances at winning.

There is an entire month filled with opportunities, so do not let the gloom crush you under its weight and be sure to visit BGO casino throughout January. When it comes to terms and conditions, then there is a whole list of them that you can find on this online casino website.

BGO Casino Promotion

I Qualifying Period: 1st January – 7th January

II Qualifying Period: 8th January – 14th January

III Qualifying Period: 15th January – 21st January

IV Qualifying Period: 22nd January – 28th January

* This promotion runs between the 1st and 28th of January 2017

* In order to qualify for a draw, one must deposit and wager £10 on games

* The coupon code: HOLIDAY must be redeemed while processing a deposit

* Players can enter each of the four different draws as many times as they like

* Winners would be randomly selected and appropriately notified about it

* Promotion is open exclusively to accounts registered in the GBP currency

* A cash alternative of £1,000 is available to those who prefer it to the trip

* Self-excluded players are not able to participate in the event

* Further terms and conditions may still apply

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