Halloween draws near and with it time for some sweat treats and good deals that are going to make the experience much more pleasant for the visitors of Casino Guts. There will be fantastic online games to cherish during that campaign and an amazing prize pool in a total of €200,000 to win if luck is on your side. Starting on the 26th of October, the Blood Sucker Boo-nanza campaign will be headed toward an exciting period that will capture the imaginations of many casino goers.

Guts will offer all the participants a chance to get 7 tickets for this holiday draw, collectible until the 10th of November. In order to receive a single lottery ticket for the big draw, players must simply play a real money round on the Blood Suckers game, either desktop or mobile. If you wish to get all 7 of the available tickets, then repeat this procedure every single day until you reach the maximum. Although there is no minimum that one can stake, an individual user can get as many as seven tickets only.

€200.000 tournament

The huge pile of cash (€200,000) will be divided into separate prizes in the number of 100 as total.

1st position = €20,000

2nd – 10th position = €10,000

11th – 15th position = €5,000

16th – 30th position = €2,000

31st – 50th position = €1,000

51st – 100th position = €300

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